'O'Hazar Imam Through You We Love All - Bless Every Soul From the Past, Present and Future -Amen

Friday, 11 September 2015

Poems donated for charity -SCCA


Moeze, your work has been published in this collection sir, thank you for your involvement in this project. William B. Burkholder


This is the fourth collection of creative works published by the Source of Universal Love. Within these pages are some of the best writers from around the globe. The Source of Universal Love is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization helping those in need.

The Collaborative's Omnibus

Moeze Lalji

I am honored by this achievement that I have been able to donate
my poems in America for good causes.
Thank you William B. Burkholder

Friday, 16 January 2015

poem: a pattern

when birth
came to earth

that intelligence
wanted to repeat 

a pattern
over which

many of us wonder
again a pattern in all minds

making a carpet
making a design

one day
we hope to meet
we hope to understand

poem: eyes glide

the morning soul

meets the day
the sky opens its umbrella

the birds type away
their daily newspapers

the ears feel happy
the wings of the world

are on the go
the eyes glide in feelings

poem: the ant

the earth
is round

like a ball
man gives it a bounce

the universe
is still strong

feeding us the bread
to think as we like

knowing this
the ant took its birth

to be humble

Friday, 26 December 2014

poem: knock knock

i call onto heaven

my eyes bow down
as the key of heaven

my body offers
my prostration

as the key of heaven

my prayers
say knock knock

my soul becomes
a blessing of this lamp


poem: a blessed lamp

every soul
has a journey

from heaven
to heaven

his soul
is a blessed lamp

he waves it
in the darkness

of earth
holding the rails of faith

his soul
is a blessed lamp

Poem:Christmas Lights

if words
have war

spears have
not changed

the earth bleeds
the rivers cry

if words
have peace

different fruits
of man

can float
like different 

Christmas lights

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Poem: Daily bread

souls are born
to paint out love

souls are born
to dip their brush
in the ink of earth

souls are born
painting their education
painting their culture
painting their traditions

souls are born
loving their daily bread

Monday, 22 December 2014

Poem: My Christmas Poem

when I went to heaven
this christmas
invited by my Lord
invited by my poetry
invited by my inspiration
invited by my feelings for all

I saw my Lord
His was all light
In the light
There was the magic
of every soul

small lights were shining
of different colors
There was the magic
of every soul

Just like on a christmas tree
small lights were shining
of different colors
There was the magic 
of every soul

I knew my Lord 
was like a christmas tree
Holding all the souls 
of the world
There was the magic
of every soul

So united
So peaceful
In the Light of God
In the Light of God
So united
So peaceful

What a true 
dream to have on earth
Our Lord says it all
Our Lord says it all

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

poem: Pope Francis Happy Birthday

Pope Francis

We wish you
A Happy Birthday

May your light
on your candles
from God

Go around
the world

for united 

all mankind


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

poem: shadows of sense

of fight
go away

of destruction
go away

of healing
come on in

of unity
come on in

of good behavior
come on in

poem: shadows of faith

of help

of courage

of respect

of faith

of human development

of Hazar Imam

bless us everyday

poem: shadows

you follow me

you talk to me

i talk to you

you are in life

of love

of friendship

of education

of reflection

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Poem: Happy Birthday Hazar Imam

Birthday Spiritual poem
"O" Allah
"O" Prophets
"O" Hazar Imam
"O" Loving Momins
Mumbaraki Mumbaraki
Our beloved Hazar Imam
Our heart is with you
Your heart is with us
Your love is far greater
Our prayers sing out
Happy birthday for you
Our prayers sing out
Shukran Shukran Shukran
The meaning is spiritual
Our children bring
Candles of happiness
The light which guides us
The light which gives peace
To every soul that finds it
Shukran "O" Allah
Shukran "O" Prophets
Shukran "O" Hazar Imam
Shukran "O" Loving Momins
For December 13th

Friday, 12 December 2014

poem: his Lord is soft as well

you were
made to cry

many tears
are kept in the eyes

like money
they have to be spent

so the world knows
what is pain

in the soul
of a human being

who is so tender
who is so soft

and his Lord is soft as well
and his Lord is soft as well

poem: how else can we bow down

in your heart

sits a prayer
like a candle

in the soul
asking the wishes

of no tears
your soul is kind

talking to God
asking his help

how else can you
bow down

to your
good feelings

Poem: a prayer for all of us

Dearest God

needs your help
to love

your creation
guide them

to make
a better world

where there
is food and comfort

and an education
for the

little ones
to keep on

building the world

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Poem: Your invitation to earth

your room
may be silent

yet she loves you
protecting you

from the day
from the night

a pillow on your bed
a blanket on your bed

the warmth of your sleep
the master of the universe speaks

your invitation to earth
is his song of love

poem: a lady we must honor

why was the earth
given to us
given to you
given to me

the music is individual
the music is collective

many have walked by
many are to come by

our spiritual walk
in the heart

has to see this dress
how we all wear it

without a fight