Friday, 11 April 2014

Poem: Dear God how about coca cola ear plugs

Poem twenty seven (humor)

Dearest God
I went to the doctor today
He said
What tin of rice have you eaten

Guess what I said
I opened the tin of my children
They are like a tin of coca cola

The fizz blew out
They were shaking their mum
Up and down
Of course with her words

I told them to take a straw
And sip gently with her words
But the government is more
Into words of pop fizz

They say human rights
And liberty of speech
Is the spice of life
More tins of life get collected
Into the ear zones

I don't know whether
It is right to open
These cans of bouncing beans

Yes I can see your
Coca cola blood pressure
How about coca cola ear plugs

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