Saturday, 26 July 2014

Poem: Dearest Soul

Dearest Soul
Sitting in heaven like a star
God picks you
From the joy of peace
The eternal peace
Already in you
Don't leave this faith
Don't leave this kindness

To earth you are born
Hoping you will
Reflect on your light everyday
A meaning you can't darken

Every soul is a star
Every soul will shine
Every soul will see its place of peace

The Lord knows
You can't run
That is where you fall
That is where you hurt yourself

He calls you back
To light his skies of peace
To appreciate the skies of heaven
Where you have always been a star of peace

I know you will cry
The Lord will always honor you

"O" Soul 
You are his creation
A loving creation you are
To light his skies of peace

"O" Soul
Cry to the simple truth
You have always been a simple star of peace


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