Saturday, 20 September 2014

Poem: My name is Earth part 4

My dearest children
Please see me as your mother
By your spiritual eyes

My dearest children
From me comes all the activities
Of the world

I am your platform
For birth and death
I care for you so much

That what you dig from me
You make the puzzle of life
You make the puzzle of meaning

But I take everything back
From my children

Sharing and giving starts from me
You suckle on my breasts
Open your spiritual eyes
I am proud to be your mother

Like bees 
Make honey out of me

Every child is mine
So every child is yours
You have my share everyday
I need your share everyday

Don't hurt any of my babies
I need your help
I am thirsty for this love
For all my children

I am proud to be your mother

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