Saturday, 13 December 2014

Poem: Happy Birthday Hazar Imam

Birthday Spiritual poem
"O" Allah
"O" Prophets
"O" Hazar Imam
"O" Loving Momins
Mumbaraki Mumbaraki
Our beloved Hazar Imam
Our heart is with you
Your heart is with us
Your love is far greater
Our prayers sing out
Happy birthday for you
Our prayers sing out
Shukran Shukran Shukran
The meaning is spiritual
Our children bring
Candles of happiness
The light which guides us
The light which gives peace
To every soul that finds it
Shukran "O" Allah
Shukran "O" Prophets
Shukran "O" Hazar Imam
Shukran "O" Loving Momins
For December 13th

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