Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Today's poem: My name is Mrs Earth

Hi! there
My name is Mrs Earth

Because I am married
To Mr Sun

I guess
It was an arranged marriage

A long time ago
Without photographs

How could you complain
What a lovely boy he is

A bit too hot
For my liking sometimes

You may say 
Ah! Adam and Eve

Now I have the nest
Where loving eyes are born

Of all shapes and sizes

They move around
Like ants

Exploring with their
Keys of the soul

They hold me like babies
And by time

They fall back into me
Leaving behind shapes of history

I can't talk to them
I can't give advice to them
I can't guide them

I am handicap in that way

They have to post 
Their own signs from learning
Their own signs from reflection

I am their platform
To my hubby and far beyond

It will be interesting to see
How it shapes up to unity

I am united for my babies
They have it in their genes

For now

Don't make mama cry
She does cry in silent tears

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