Saturday, 4 January 2014

Poem: Crying Colors Of Candy

Candy Jar Stockclick on image or read on

"O" Dear Divorce
Back to school of love
Back to school of faith
Mum won't have me
Dad won't have me

The subject is tough
I have a pram
We have kids
How do you push life
How do you zoom life
Finances were fine
Love was fine
Our chores got us in troubles

I like clean mirrors
Not foam on them
Yet I like my lipstick on them
But we can't honor each other
In ways of life
Is that not funny to God as well

"O" Dear Divorce
"O" Dear Candy Jar
The mind ticks thoughts
Just like a clock it plays
Silently struggling from
Light to darkness
Darkness to light

The sun has tears
The rain speaks out
The sun has smiles
The clear blue sky open their new eyes
It just feels all tough
Not smart like Smarties
Just hurt with
"O" colors of candy

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