Saturday, 4 January 2014

Poem: You are my Hollywood and Bollywood


Darling Heartbreak
Thanks for being on my scales
I know Christmas was good
The turkey has not left me

Honey switch off the plug
Put him to sleep let him worry
About the world in the dark
He talks too much with the doctor
As long as I can lift you
You are the right shape
You are my Hollywood and Bollywood

Darling Heartbreak
My hubby has no idea
What a woman feels when overweight
Even diets don't work for me
Look at the birds how slim they fly
Socializing with the world
The media gives them all thumbs up

My daily life is a battle
I avoid the supermarket
I stay indoors most of the time
My hubby wears all the roller skates
He deserves a better woman in his life

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