Thursday, 9 January 2014

Poem: "O" Mr Brain

"O" Mr Brain
How can I change
I have never talked to God

"O" Mr Brain
The oil is gone
The pension is in the head
The feet are up
I am shy to talk to God

"O" Mr Brain
How can we knock on His door
After centuries have gone
Hello stranger he will say
What do you want
Are you kidding heaven and hell

"O" Mr Brain
The white hair are confusing
The doctor says dementia

"O" Mr Brain
I have a faith called grandson
He says Granddad God is open everyday
I come fresh from him I know him
There is no time
There is no language
Your heart is your dictionary
Granddad you are a good man
Your sweets count a lot in heaven
Your hugs and wonderful stories
Make God smile they are your prayers

"O" Mr Brain
This chap is the right oil of life

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