Thursday, 16 January 2014

Poem: "O" No, dear God

Turkey Watching
Dearest God
Christmas is gone
The turkey farm is on holiday
I have been booked into a hotel
It is cheaper for the boss

In the etiquette 
Of organic farming
I don't drink or smoke
I am allowed chocolate 
Crisp meat and corn flakes
These are just some of my perks
Liked by supermarkets

"O" Yes
I have to mingle with
My human friends
With my suit and tie
The hotel cries with all night
Parties drinking to be hell

Hey Mr Turkey they say
Forget God today
And just shake your bottoms
To be the bones of the devil

"O" No Dear God
This is too much
I am a turkey of heaven
Just enjoying my ice cream
Orange juice
And television set
What more room service
Do I need 

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