Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Poem: A Temple Explores Silence


Dear Mr Balloon
Thank you for bringing me
To your library of no souls and bricks
I can't even hear a mosquito buzzing me

My beautiful eyes pull in great meditation
Can you imagine God does not have to travel
He sees all that he has created all at once
How do you cultivate this farm for a temple
The height can be as far up as 64,000 ft

When children go to sleep
We enjoy our silence with hearing
The tick tock of the world around us
But here up in the sky
It is the diamond of silence
There is not even an ant talking

Forget the heavens of North Pole
Forget the heavens of South Pole
Even birds don't bring their wings here
This is just spotless beauty
Where my ears can sleep for centuries
Without toast and milk
If God has mentioned heaven
I see what he means

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