Friday, 10 January 2014

Poem: "O" Dear Mr Money

"O" Dear Mr Money
Change my car to a Rolls Royce
She will smile some good doors for me
I would not mind a pigeon of two wheels
Perfect for flying around the world
"O" Dear Mr Money
The cops know my car
They forgive our purse
Poverty smiles and runs
The teddy bear is happy
The cat calls it daily petrol
Happy on gallons of milk
No mice please she is vegetarian
Well we can call it environmentally friendly
I am sure God loves his unusual style

"O" Dear Mr Money
I have seen cars of the future
They have eyes of technology just like my cat
They walk and talk by themselves
I call them the automatic chauffeur
Like a perfect taxi service
To drive our worries away

"O" Dear Mr Money
I have see a coach fully fitted
With luxuries of a castle
A home that is on the road
Now that would be a big jump
From pink and green holiday suitcases
And my wobbly wheels

"O" Dear Mr Money
You are right my car is fun for kids
Not for the wife it scares her to death
Mind you she takes nice pictures in
The world of God dreaming for a better future

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