Thursday, 2 January 2014

Poem: Razzmatazz at 60

Celebrating birthday with balloonsclick on image or read on

Dearest Silence
I need you today in my words
I am turning sixty

Without the zero I am six
That is where my soul stops

It can hop and dance
Make tunes of the world
Don't worry about the brain
He may be a bit wobbly in the hair
Changing his color with a wig
But that is just fine tuning life

I am glad my hero my hubby
Still see me with unchanging eyes
He does not believe in the
Razzmatazz of age
It is just there for a pension
And to buy a rocking chair
So he can just welcome life

Of course I will celebrate with a cake
The grandchildren will soon be
Running like horses in this house
Putting candles in my castle
Hush silence please

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