Monday, 13 January 2014

Poem: "O" Dear Mr Skeleton

Skeleton with waving hands
"O" Dear Mr Skeleton
Why do you come in my dreams
Why do you scare my bones
Why do you scare my wig

"O" Dear Mr Skeleton
My wife and children laugh at me
I sweat my tears to my doctor
Even in my sleeping pills
You come running to my eyes

"O" Dear Mr Skeleton
Why don't you go to sleep
Why are you reading my life
I am all bubbly and bouncy
I feed my family I love them
I want to be with them

"O" Dear Mr Skeleton
My soul tells me God is not ready for me
I am sure you have got the wrong brain
What a horror movie you make for me
What a bad omen you give waving your goodbye

"O" Dear Mr Skeleton
My son thinks you are a ghost in trouble
You are not saying goodbye but help
That is even more scary I am not a priest

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