Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Poem: Flower after flower

Flowers and water
Water is a mirror
I see my waves

The soul clings to heaven
The soul holds to mum
The soul learns roller skates

The toys fall
The eyes beam out tears
Sisters and brothers have moods
Mum puts the kettle on as a warrior of peace
Mum has a kitchen of love the favorite recipes
Just bring on the bulbs of love
Laughter bakes the family    

School gates open for the brain
Teachers bell their songs on us
Fees have to be paid Dad and Mum
Ride horses in all hours for blessings
The headmaster is happy the chalk has wages
The town has a temple all feet walk there
The fear of God means do good deeds
The fear of God means look after your parents
The fear of God means be kind to everybody
The fear of God means smell trouble walk away

Yes and before the sun is out
Sit in meditation to catch peace
By the candle of your soul
Passing on the thank you to the future
Flower after flower in waters of heaven

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